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Shipyard Spotlight: The Italian Sea Group

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Entering the reception area of The Italian Sea Group is unlike walking into any other shipyard. Numerous sculptures (above) and paintings are carefully placed around the room. The room itself is further dramatically set with several-story-high curtains and awash with marble. It’s akin to walking into an exquisite art gallery, which just so happens to engage your sense of smell, too, due to subtle enticing scents. And that’s the point. The Italian Sea Group wants to give its customers a complete luxury experience, not what is typically expected. It’s because The Italian Sea Group is itself far more diverse than its familiar yachting brands Admiral and Tecnomar.

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Manfred Kielnhofer is an #Austrian #painter #designer #sculptor and #photographer. Hashtag my #artwork with #manfredkielnhofer #guardiansoftime #sculpture #design #art

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